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Kährs was founded in 1857 in the forests of southern Sweden. They have been working with wood for more than 160 years and is today one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of engineered wood floors in the world.

Kährs is a global market leader with sales in 70 countries, offering a wide range of flooring products. A key feature to their success is a deep passion for creating beautiful floors, reflected in high degree of craftsmanship and a constant focus on quality.

Kährs long history is lined with a series of innovations that have shaped the entire global wood flooring industry – from the invention of the multi-layer board to the glue-less Woodloc® locking joint.

The wood knowledge they have accumulated over the years has been passed down from generation to generation. Kährs are constantly working with new ideas to improve their floors, make them even more, better looking, stronger, easier to install and more sustainable.

Kahrs brand logo
Kährs Flooring - Lounge
Kährs Flooring - Lounge

Environmental Responsibility

At The Carpet Company, we are committed to promoting environmental responsibility in everything we do. We believe that our actions can make a difference in creating a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet.

That’s why we have chosen to partner with Kährs, a company that shares our values of sustainability, health, and quality. All of Kährs’ products are manufactured to the highest standards of sustainability and material sourcing, ensuring that they are both environmentally friendly and durable. You can read more about that here on the Kährs website.

In addition to providing eco-friendly flooring Kährs is also committed to minimising its environmental impact throughout its operations. The company has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives, including reducing its carbon footprint, increasing its use of renewable energy, waste materials and water usage.

You can learn more about Kährs’ sustainability efforts and their “Planet Positive Journey” on their website. By choosing Kährs’ products through The Carpet Company, you can rest assured that you are making a responsible and sustainable choice for your home or business.

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